Well-being Sessions & Team Events

From improving the engagement and productivity of employees when they’re at work, to reducing the numbers of days and money lost to absence, introducing a health and well being strategy will deliver tangible events and a return on investment.

In our busy, frenetic, and stressful lives we all need to take time out to nurture our mental health. Activities such as baking can allow us to relax, be more creative and ultimately be more “in the moment”

Take a digital detox and let your hands be the tools where they can work in perfect harmony with your mind and emotions. Kneading can be therapeutic whilst fragrances that our ingredients create can invoke childhood memories and take you on a nostalgic journey.

Whether you decide to embark on bread making, creating a delectable dessert or a family supper the choice is yours. All recipes are carefully selected to ensure that ingredients are kept simple and easily sourced. All dietary requirements are taken care of with plenty of alternatives offered. Each class is approximately 30 minutes and you will be astounded with what you have achieved in the class. There is an incredible sense of achievement at the end of the session whereby confidence and fulfilment  run high.

Cooking is a therapy in itself as you can forget your worries of the day whilst you are lost in the moment of what you are creating. The best bit? You get to enjoy the fruits of your labour and share with your family and friends! If you would like to learn more then sample recipes are available as well as a demo to understand how it all works!



Part of our Employee Well-being Programme at CLTInternational (Wilmington Plc) we offered  our staff every month the option to attend some nutrition classes delivered by Nikki at Pudding & Pie.

The sessions based on the needs of the group were very interactive and  provided people with the fundamental elements of a good and healthy diet as well as the opportunity to get involved in the cooking, taste the recipes made and even take some home!  

We would definitely recommend Pudding & Pie as a provider of your company Well-being programme.

-- Mrs Martin Head of HR