Family Cooking Classes

A Pudding & Pie online family cooking class is quite simply the most wonderful way to get the whole family involved in creating a family meal together and empowering children with the skills to cook (with a little support from you and me). There is something quite special in pausing the day to day routine of family life, protecting some time together away from all the other pressures of work, school, homework (and tech) to come together to create a meal you can all enjoy made by the hands of all the family.  

Supper Club

Every Thursday we have Supper Club and get together to make a family meal. Each meal is carefully chosen to ensure that it is nutritionally balanced, easy to get ingredients, good value, delicious and a simple family feast that you have created together having some fun and laughs at the same time. Don’t worry, ingredients and equipment information is sent out a week before so you will have plenty of time to source all your ingredients with your child.


Family Cooking Classes Family Cooking Classes Family Cooking Classes 

Sense of Achievement & Pride

Children love the fact that they can create a meal for their entire family to enjoy. It gives a great sense of achievement and provide, not to mention giving our children those all important skills for life.

They will learn:

How to make a meal from scratch
How to create a basic sauce that can be adapted to make many other dishes
Different culture signature dishes
Traditional family favourites
Food safety in the kitchen
Food hygiene, storage and shelf life.

There are no age limits for this class, we have people from age 3-83 join us. If your child is younger they will of course need some assistance for the hob work.

Where, When & How?

The Supper Club Online Cooking Classes Families is:

Thursday @ 5.30PM

Each class is on-line and run through Zoom, a safe and simple method that enables you to join on-line with many other families!

The cost is £5 (this price is per family) and you can pay as you go. There is no commitment.

New to Zoom Classes?

There has been a shift in the way families access and enjoy activities with their children and Pudding & Pie has experienced this too. Families who have traditionally joined a face to face class are opting for online classes and enjoying being much more part of their child’s class experience. The popularity and demand for online cooking classes has been such that I now offer all the Mini Master Chefs classes online.

My families tell me that they have discovered the advantages of Zoom:

All of the family can join in, with no additional charge!

You can make as many biscuits as you like!

Your Nanny can come and join you in the comfort of your own home!

Your cousin from the other side of the country (or indeed the world) can join in the fun with you and share the experience together!

Family Cooking Classes