Nurseries & Schools

All of our nursery and school sessions have been specially developed so that they are age appropriate and in line with either EYFS or The National Curriculum. We use a variety of age-specific recipes and resources and take into account any dietary requirements for health or religious purposes.

We provide everything that’s needed, including all ingredients and equipment. Each session is around 45 minutes long to keep their attention going as we understand it can sometimes be hard to focus for a long length of time. There is a large focus on soft skills such as sharing and listening so that children can learn about team working from the very start.  At the end of each session we recognise our “Star Baker”. The Star Baker is the individual that has demonstrated all of these important attributes. All dishes are prepared in the classroom and then cooked in the kitchen facilities so can either be enjoyed at nursery/school or taken home to be proudly presented to parents!

As well as regular programmes, workshops and after-school clubs, we can also deliver adhoc sessions according to where you are in the curriculum, or as part of celebration days. We work with a number of schools & nurseries throughout the UK, both in-person and on-line so please feel free to contact me to discuss further!



We have experienced Pudding and Pie Sessions at our school for the past three years and both staff and children have enjoyed every minute. The children bounce off Nikki’s enthusiasm and energy and cannot wait for the time each week when she comes to teach. They are learning about numeracy, literacy, cultural, science all at the same time as having so much messy hands on fun.

Nikki will teach from reception all the way up to the top of the school at a level that suits all abilities. Whilst this is a superb way of integrating Healthy Food choices, each session is so much more than just cooking. There will always be children that learn in different ways and I believe that Pudding and Pie provides confidence to those that may not always experience academic success. This confidence then enables the children to become more confident in other areas.

Children particularly enjoy the hands-on experience they get and the fact that they create something wonderful at the end of each session that they get to take home to share with their families. I would recommend every school to get involved with Pudding and Pie, whether it’s an after-school club, running part of the curriculum, workshops or one-off events.

-- M Walker  (Head of Design and Technology)


I booked Nikki for a well-being session for my staff who I wanted to thank for their hard work and commitment during lockdown. There ended up being 4 activities that staff could pick from and Nikki’s baking session was the most popular. Being close to Valentine’s Day, there was a love theme so staff baked heart shaped Jammie dodger biscuits. The session was well planned, accessible for all levels of baking experience and importantly enjoyable. Staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I’m told the biscuits were delicious! We will definitely be doing these type of activities again so I look forward to our next session with Nikki.

-- Marie George-Head Teacher