Adult Class

We have a dedicated night once per month for just adults-after all why should our kids have all the fun?! This is your dedicated time for you! There is something very therapeutic about cooking, following steps, using your hands to create something wonderful. We make both savoury and sweet dishes and most often vote as a group on what we will make next! This is a wonderful time to devote to yourself whereby you can learn how to make a new dish. All levels are welcome from the absolute beginner to the more accomplished chef, after all we understand that sometimes we just need inspiration for new ideas! Each class lasts around 45-60 minutes and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards!

How to join in:

  1. Contact me, details can be found under the contact section
  2. You will be set up on the broadcast list which is the method on how I communicate upcoming recipes
  3. You will be provided with equipment and ingredients that are all easy to source and in-expensive
  4. Zoom link sent out

Its really that easy!



Nikki's organised, logical and easy to learn approach to cooking really helps and she ensures everyone is happy and ready before moving forward to the next stage.  Will definitely be booking more classes with Pudding & Pie!

-- Debbie M