Pudding & Pie

A new way to educate, engage and encourage everyone about food and nutrition. Fun for all ages!

A Warm Welcome To Pudding & Pie

 Great minds think alike! A warm welcome to Pudding & Pie and it would seem we have the same thing on our minds…delicious food, home cooking & baking.

Taste Sensations That Tickle Your Taste Buds

Are you ready to dip your toe in the cooking experimental waters and try new taste sensations that tickle your taste buds with Pudding & Pie classes? Is your favourite little person a fussy eater and you want to break the fussy eater cycle? Are you a parent who needs a food inspiration boost for family meal times? Do you have a child or teen who wants to pull open the kitchen cupboards and cook with confidence? Or are you someone who wants delicious recipes tucked up your sleeve that you can cook easily and proficiently?

Cook With Flair & Ease

Well…you are in the right place. At Pudding & Pie I have been teaching cooking & baking classes for (dare I say it) over 10 years and it is one of my pleasures and joys in life. Some of you will feel the same, you love to cook and bake and want to grow your skills and confidence and for others you are just not sure where to start. Everyone will have different reasons for seeking out cooking classes and the thing I care about the most in my Pudding & Pie classes is that everyone and anyone has the chance to experiment with cooking and have some fun along the way.

Cooking Classes For Children

Each class is on-line and run through Zoom. This is a safe and simple method that enables you to join on-line with many other families!

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Family Cooking Classes

Every Thursday we get together to make a family meal. Ingredients and equipment is sent out a week before so you have plenty of time to source.


Adult Class

We have a dedicated night once per month for just adults-after all why should our kids have all the fun?! This is your dedicated time for you!


Nurseries & Schools

All of our nursery and school sessions have been specially developed so that they are age appropriate and in line with either EYFS or The National Curriculum.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

If your teenage son or daughter is taking part with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, joining in with our classes is a fantastic way of obtaining this prestigious award.

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Zoom Parties

A wonderful way for children to have fun! You can either choose from a selection of tasty treats or come up with your own bespoke masterpiece...

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Events & Fundraisers

We are passionate about giving back and have been involved in many worthwhile causes and fund raising within the local community.


Well-Being & Team Events

From improving the engagement and productivity of employees when they’re at work, to reducing the numbers of days and money lost to absence.


From 3 - 83 Years of Age

Don’t worry there is something for everyone. My goal is not to develop Michell Star chefs with complex meals, it’s to ignite (or reignite for some) the pleasure of cooking.  Every recipe has been carefully considered for its simplicity and nutritional quality and you will be astounded with what you make with your own hands and delight your tummies! Pudding & Pie classes are for you to discover the benefits of eating a balanced diet whilst still enjoying the foods you love with guidance you would hope for from a cooking class with a warmth, relaxed and creative atmosphere. There are no age limits, I have 3-83 year olds joining in with the same goal… to learn and create their own masterpiece! With a range of classes available I will teach you everything from the nutritional value of foods all the way to preparing and cooking them.

New to Zoom Classes?

There has been a shift in the way families access and enjoy activities with their children and Pudding & Pie has experienced this too. Families who have traditionally joined a face to face class are opting for online classes and enjoying being much more part of their child’s class experience. The popularity and demand for online cooking classes has been such that I now offer all the Mini Master Chefs classes online. My families tell me that they have discovered the advantages of Zoom. All of the family can join in, with no additional charge! You can make as many biscuits as you like; your Nanny can come and join you in the comfort of your own home! Your cousin from the other side of the country (or indeed the world) can join in the fun with you and share the experience together!

Our girls love their cooking lessons. Nikki is so lovely. Very patient and friendly. The girls look forward to their seasons and their results are getting better each time! Thanks so much xx

Rebecca Franklin

Easy and family friendly cooking tips and recipes for everyone do to at home! Time to get cooking!

Joe Marshall

It's great for children to get involved with food and learn about different flavours. All the food was healthy but fun and both boys now are more adventurous with food. Thank you!

Sarah Blair