It is always a complete joy to me to hear and read all the lovely comments my customers share about their experience of Pudding & never fails to bring a smile to my face and I never tire of hearings such lovely comments. 

The lovely Things My Customers Say


New to Zoom Classes?

There has been a shift in the way families access and enjoy activities with their children and Pudding & Pie has experienced this too. Families who have traditionally joined a face to face class are opting for online classes and enjoying being much more part of their child’s class experience. The popularity and demand for online cooking classes has been such that I now offer all the Mini Master Chefs classes online.

My families tell me that they have discovered the advantages of Zoom. All of the family can join in, with no additional charge! You can make as many biscuits as you like! Your Nanny can come and join you in the comfort of your own home or your cousin from the other side of the country (or indeed the world) can join in the fun with you and share the experience together!