Mini Master Chefs

Class times are Saturday @ 10.30AM and Monday after-school @ 6PM

Each class is on-line and run through Zoom. This is a safe and simple method that enables you to join on-line with many other families!

Kids get stuck in, creating their own culinary masterpieces from scratch. They will delight themselves (and you) with skills they learn from rolling, to mixing and whisking, cutting out and making both sweet and savoury dishes. No matter whether your child is a foodie or little fuss pott they will gain confidence in the kitchen and in turn this will increase their range of food they enjoy to eat. An integral part of each class is reward and recognition whereby a Star Baker is identified. A large part of the teaching lies on listening, sharing and team work where highly coveted medals and praise postcards are granted to each child that demonstrates these life skills.

There are so many advantages of zoom:

  • All of the family can join in, with no additional charge!
  • You can make as many biscuits as you like!
  • Your Nanny can come and join you in the comfort of your own home!
  • Your cousin from the other side of the country (or indeed the world) can join in the fun with you and share the experience together!

The cost is £5 (this price is per family) and you can PAYG so there is no commitment!



Amazing girls loved it thank you so much Pudding & Pie Limited everyone needs to be doing these classes with Nikki Talbot she’s brill ❤️❤️

-- Katie R