“We have experienced Pudding and Pie Sessions at our school for the past three years and both staff and children have enjoyed every minute. The children bounce off Nikki’s enthusiasm and energy and cannot wait for the time each week when she comes to teach. They are learning about numeracy, literacy, cultural, science all at the same time as having so much messy hands on fun.

Nikki will teach from reception all the way up to the top of the school at a level that suits all abilities. Whilst this is a superb way of integrating Healthy Food choices, each session is so much more than just cooking. There will always be children that learn in different ways and I believe that Pudding and Pie provides confidence to those that may not always experience academic success. This confidence then enables the children to become more confident in other areas.

Children particularly enjoy the hands-on experience they get and the fact that they create something wonderful at the end of each session that they get to take home to share with their families. I would recommend every school to get involved with Pudding and Pie, whether it’s an after-school club, running part of the curriculum, workshops or one-off events.”

— M Walker  (Head of Design and Technology) —

“Hi Nikki,
I jut wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making sure Harry felt a part of the Pudding and Pie classes at Foxes Holiday Club. I felt very assured that Harry’s dietary requirements would be catered for which was helped by the time we had prior to the classes commencing. Harry had a fantastic time and he really enjoyed getting stuck in and trying new things. The recipe pack was well received as we all enjoyed the oaty biscuits and can’t wait to make some at home!”

— Rachel Smith —

“I think the pudding and pie classes were amazing! My son is such a fussy eater, yet after each class he came back telling me of all the foods he had tried…..I cannot believe it!! Its certainly made me a little more adventurous!!”

— Andrea (Sam’s Mom) —

“My son was never interested in cooking until we started Nikki’s class. He looks forward to coming every week and gets excited when he knows he is coming. Nikki is a great teacher, very patient and great at explaining things at a childs level, Great class and would highly recommend it for all children…..Love it!!”

— Jon Adams —

“Am so thrilled that you have started Pudding and Pie. Children are the foundation of our food future. It is vital to light that spark early on by making food fun and exciting. The children will then fan the flames and start a new generation of food lovers. If you inspire one child who goes on to have the passion for cooking that I have, you will have achieved something amazing.”

— Lisa Middleton —

“Henry & William really enjoyed the cooking experience at the holiday club and came home ever day talking about the yummy food they got to prepare and cook. We have made several of the recipes since the weeks cooking course and their favourite has to be spicy wraps, something they have never tried before. Its great for children to get involved with food and learn about different flavours. All the food was healthy but fun and both boys now are more adventurous with food. Thank you!”

— Sarah Blair —

“Great, different kind of activity which I always say I’d do at home but never have! So much more fun in a class with other children’s parents! Thanks Nikki.”

— Carter & Natalie —